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Predominantly split between Promotional Point-of-Sale Items, Industrial Graphics and Marking Systems.

Specialists in the field of:-

Paper & Board / Polycarbonate / Polypropylene / Polyester / PVC / Vinyl / Metal

High Performance Labels

Specified for use in hostile or demanding environments, high performance labels are suitable for all industrial situations including safety critical areas or where tamper proof protection is required.

They may be surface or undersurface printed and are resistant to temperature, solvents and corrosive substances.


Feature and Branding Stickers

Cling films and removable adhesive materials are frequently employed as product brand and selling feature stickers, easily removable after purchase.


Facias, Nameplates & Trims

Screen-printed facias and trims are extensively used throughout the automotive, white goods and electronics industries for their versatility and cost effectiveness.

Great freedom of design is possible using colour and texture as well as intricate cutting to accommodate control buttons, dials and levers.

The use of 'secret windows' for hidden illumination adds a further dimension to control panel graphics.

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