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A Transfer - The passing of an impression from one surface (the Carrier) to another, typically with the aid of pressure, heat, or by soaking in water.

Butchers Body Transfers - Tattoos

The temporary tattoo - fun, funky and fashionable decoration of the body - economical, collectable and ever popular.

Butchers Ceramic Transfers

Ceramic transfers are applied as waterslide, then fired on to the ware at temperatures usually between 550C and 1200C - depending on the base material. Special types are available for low temperature firing at approximately 200C.

They are intended for the decorative design of pottery, glass, enamelled ironware, aluminium, stainless steel and also for Candle decoration.

Butchers Dry Fixing Transfers

Dryfix transfers are selfadhesive and require no water or solvents for fixing.

As complete adhesion is immediate, ' Dryfix ' transfers are ideal for products which need to be packed or moved following the application of the transfer. They can be applied to metal, glass, plastic, painted wood, card, paper or any reasonably smooth surface.

Butchers Rub-Down Transfers

From cosmetic decoration of finger nails and rub down transfers for children's play packs to Art and Crafts decorative essentials and the ever popular model miniatures decoration. These products are ideal for front cover and in-pack promotions, economical, collectable and ever popular.

Butchers Waterslide Transfers

Fixed with use of water only. They are quick and simple to use and are suitable for general marking on all non-porous surfaces. A feature of this type is that it is possible to move it for a few minutes after application to assist in accurate location.

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